About Help Movement

Volcanohelp.eu is a success! People and newspapers all over the world have managed to spread the word, and therefore enabled people to help each other!

We’ve connected stranded people with those willing to help them with housing and transportation! In many cases stranded Europeans just needed to get in touch with each other, to organize transportation etcetera.

The effects of international cooperation and peoples’ kindness have led to Europeans, and in many cases people all over the world, solving problems among each other when companies and governments could not. This is something we should remember and utilize!

We’re about to start a new website, for hard times like this. If something really bad happens, for example a natural disaster or a terrorist action, we will host the place for people to gather and help once again!

/ Måns Gårdfeldt and Jonas Larsson Founders of VolcanoHelp.eu

Please help us start the movement!

By gathering people BEFORE something happens, we will be able to help each other faster in the future!

Please register as a member of the movement by just typing your email, and where you live below.

You will then be contacted IF something happens, and you will be able to choose if you want to help or not.

Your EMAIL will NOT be used in any other purposes!